Documentary | The Gele

June 9, 2019

Gele, the Yoruba word for headwrap, is known for being the colourful and flamboyant crown that adorns the heads of Nigerian women across the world as they attend parties, weddings and church. This short documentary shines a light and celebrates a community of Nigerian women in London who keep the […]

Documentary: Merle the traveller

February 18, 2019

Merle arrived in London from the Caribbean as a young woman to become a Nurse. But that journey over the seas opened her eyes to the possibility of seeing more of the world. The film is part of the documentary series 1000 Londoners. Shot and edited by yours truly.

Documentary: St Mungo’s Christmas Campaign Film

May 30, 2018
homeless man looking sad

I had the opportunity to direct, self-shoot and edit this film for St Mungo’s 2017 Christmas Campaign which aimed to highlight the cold conditions that rough sleepers face particularly in the winter.   The subject of this film was man named Jim who has been a rough sleeper on and […]

Documentary: Brenda – the 84 year old fitness lover

November 14, 2017

I made this film about Brenda as part of the ‘London Moves Me’ campaign, which is a collaboration between London Sport and 1000 Londoners. Brenda’s energy and enthusiasm for life very much the influenced the way this film was made. From the filming to the editing I wanted to replicate her […]

1000 Londoners – Filmed 3 Londoners in 3 hours

October 31, 2017

On Haloween last year, the creative directors of 1000 Londoners set a task for filmmakers to go out and find people to make a short documentary about them. The task did set some alarm bells ringing as it meant expecting to get rejected multiple times until finding someone who would […]

Documentary: Windows Into Protest – Windrush Square

April 16, 2016

This film is about recent protests that have taken place at Windrush Square, an open space in Brixton, South London. Windrush square is a place of local cultural and community focus. The protests that have take place in the square have a wider resonance to the rest of London by focusing […]

Documentary: Khan – Store Manager

April 15, 2016
portait picture of an asian shop owner

Meet Khan, the friendly store manager of the 24-hour supermarket that specialises in international food products. Born in Pakistan, Khan has an apt for business and is very fond of his customers and the products they need. In this short documentary, watch Khan in the store sharing his knowledge as […]

Video: Lanre Sulola – He Followed

September 16, 2015
poet lanre sulola

Here’s video I filmed and edited for inspirational spoken-word Poet Lanre Sulola. The last time I worked with Lanre was 4 years ago, so it was great to see how we’ve both improved in our crafts and come together again to create something special.

Big Issue Invest – Staff Portraits

May 4, 2015
portrait of female holding big issue magazine

I recently had the opportunity to take some head shots of staff from the Big Issue Invest (BII) which is the social investment arm of The Big Issue. Through Chocolate Films (a social enterprise that BII has invested in), I photographed new staff members around Vauxhall bridge, which isn’t to far […]

Where’s My Supermalt? | Short Film

May 2, 2014