On Haloween last year, the creative directors of 1000 Londoners set a task for filmmakers to go out and find people to make a short documentary about them. The task did set some alarm bells ringing as it meant expecting to get rejected multiple times until finding someone who would say yes before realising what they got themselves into.

As the task was underway however we really got into it as it was a challenge of  not only finding someone who was up for it, but then finding an interesting story to, and getting good shots along the way.

The resulting Londoners were Graeme, whom we found in a east London cemetery; Mark, an avid John Carpenter fan and was on the way to his concert; and finally Inara, who we found after knocking at her house after seeing all the Haloween designs and props outside, and her parents allowed us to follow her trick or treating.


Check out the films (all shot in 3 hours) below in the order they were filmed:











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